We’re always looking to expand the Alexandra’s Franchise brand and are currently working on building this page to help you decide if joining the Alexandra’s family is right for you. In the mean time, here is a bit if information to get you started.

FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY LOCATIONS: We are actively planning to open shops in Moncton and Fredricton, but have not found our franchisee’s yet. Could this be you? We are also open to having an Alexandra’s Pizza in any success sized market so if you have an idea – share It with us!

We are cognizant of the fact that every market is different and therefore each market requires different sized restaurants. When choosing a location we consider population numbers, demographics and existing or planned competition. Of course, if you live in the area you are planning to open a shop in, we want to hear your thoughts on why an Alexandra’s Pizza could do well in the area.

INVESTMENT: While we don’t disclose exact details until we are further along in negotiations, here are some ballpark figures to get your wheels turning:

INITIAL INVESTMENT: An initial investment of $25-35 thousand dollars is required. This fee varies depending on the size of shop you are looking at opening and is in place to cover brand / trademark protection as well as to aid the costs associated with helping you find the perfect shop location, guiding the site development and the training required to set you up for success.

UNENCUMBERED FEES REQUIRED: $150,000 cash or as highly liquid investments.

TOTAL INITIAL INVESTMENT: This will depend on many things; the site chosen, the size of shop you are opening, if it is a new build or a rental space, if you are taking over an existing shop that has equipment already etc. So many things! That said, it usually ranges between $150,000 and $335,000.

ROYALTY FEES / ADVERTISING FEES: Unlike most franchises, we will negotiate these with you depending on all of the above. Our motto is that we want our owners to make money, because if you make money then we know you are happy and will do well. Let’s talk!

FRANCHISE PERKS: If you are reading this page then you are aware of what joining a franchise family is all about. It means entering a business that is already reputable and set up with systems in place to help you get down to business operations fast and efficiently. Your POS system, website, loyalty program, much of your advertising and social media is all taken care of. Your main focus areas will be serving exceptionally delicious fresh food, providing stellar customer service and taking care of your business – thus becoming a true entrepreneur – at last!

Interested? Contact us at info (at) alexandraspizza (dot) com to request a meeting with our franchise management team. We look forward to meeting you!